I'm Jimmy, and I'm on a mission to change writing education.

Do you want to know a secret?

Anyone can write.

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That doesn't sound like much of a secret, but it goes against two common views in our culture.

The first is that writing sucks. It's too hard, too long, too boring. The typical school curriculum doesn't help much by overloading students with pointless grammar exercises and soul-sucking prompts about books nobody likes in the first place. Plagiarism is rampant (I see you, copy-and-paste of a Wikipedia article), and those who try to be original end up staring at a blank computer screen with writer's block until 2 am, only for their parents to then write angry emails to the teacher for assigning "too much homework."

Then there's the overcorrection.

"School writing" is awful, but "creative writing" is fun! I know countless students who hate English class but spend hours posting fanfic to their blogs or typing away on a fantasy novel. Unfortunately, we have this sort of "tortured genius" mindset when it comes to fiction. Students think they have to do it alone. Teachers can't help. Parents can't help. Anyone who criticizes my work just doesn't understand it or is trying to put me down. Sound familiar? Instead of looking for real, quality instruction on improving their craft, students end up with questionable advice or fake encouragement from social media, inevitably shattering their dreams the first time someone gives honest feedback in a college composition course.

There has to be another way.

Yes, writing should be fun, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to learn about it or that students can't improve.

Writing is not a talent that we're either born with or not. It's a skill, and skills can develop with dedicated practice and effective coaching. In our modern world of internet marketing, e-commerce, and remote working, confident and effective written communication is more important than ever—yet kids keep falling behind or giving up. It's time for a revolution in the way we teach writing.

Which brings us here.

I don't have a magic bullet. Every student is different. There is no "one size fits all."

That's exactly what drives me to offer personalized tutoring, writing coaching, and custom curriculum development for all ages and grade levels.

We're all tired of what doesn't work. Let's find something that does.

Thanks for helping my son grow *immensely* as a writer this year. I am so grateful for being able to help him be accountable to someone else in his writing, rather than having to be in charge of everything. It's quite wonderful. :)

AmyAmyParent of Middle Schooler

Jimmy's attention to detail is first-rate. His critiquing and on-point suggestions turned an early draft of my novel into a work far more captivating for the reader. I couldn't recommend his services highly enough.

Neil A. WhiteNeil A. WhiteAuthor, "Turn a Blind Eye"

Jimmy is very organized. He is very clear in explaining and teaching and can zero in on the skill that's needed in understanding and answering different types of questions. He is able to match his pace to the student, which keeps the student from being bored (or left behind).

Susan E.Susan E.Tutoring Client

Jimmy's insights and edits took my short story to another level. He kept in mind both my style and my purpose for the story as he evaluated it. His editing services are an outstanding tool for any author.

Joy R.Joy R.Indie Author and Editor, joyerancatore.com

Jimmy helped me with three levels of grammar textbooks: Grammar the Write Way Precepts, Core, and Application. I recommend his services because of his thoughtful detail, not only with mechanics but also with the logic of the text. In short, he made me look good.

Ruth Ann FrederickRuth Ann FrederickCoauthor of Grammar the Write Way, Over the Bar Instruction

Frequently asked questions

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I'm not a student. I need something else. Is that okay?Yes! I know this web page mostly talks about students, but I also work with adults on things like cover letters, resumes, copyediting, speech or interview preparation, video content, SEO, and instructional design. If you feel like you have an odd request, it's probably not as weird as you think. Ask me below!

Do you provide editing services?Yes! I have more than seven years of experience in freelance editing. I specialize in fiction, educational content, and college application essays.

What software do you use for tutoring?I host live tutoring sessions on Zoom. You'll need to download the app if you don't already have it.

I'm worried about cost. What are my options?First of all, I understand. I don't want cost to be a barrier for anyone. I'm glad to work with you and provide options that fit your budget. It helps to be as clear as possible about your goals (and if you're not sure what your goals are, I can ask questions to help determine them). That way, I can make sure you're not signing up for something that you don't actually need.

I also have a podcast. Will you be a guest on it?Maybe! Contact me below with your details and pitch.

What makes me different?

I've worked in education for over a decade, ranging from private tutoring at the college level to teaching at an inner-city public school to designing curricula for an online school servicing students all around the world. Some of my methods have been downright scandalous in the eyes of old-school educators. I allowed students to use phones in my classroom, integrating the technology into the lesson instead of forbidding it. I let students choose their own contemporary novels to write about instead of forcing The Scarlet Letter down their throats. I assign fewer (and shorter!) essays than many of my colleagues, emphasizing quality over quantity. When my school administrator wanted to add a new course specifically for students who were struggling with writing and "traditional" grammar tests, he asked me to design it.


The COVID-19 pandemic didn't create problems with education—it just exposed them. For years, our classrooms have lagged behind the culture. Students live in a media-saturated world yet find themselves more disengaged than ever with reading, grammar, and composition, and most teachers (at no fault of their own!) are too overworked to provide constructive individual feedback on essays. Outdated methods aren't working for Gen Z. It's not because kids are lazy. They actually have a lot to say. They just need the right platform to speak—and the right audience to listen.

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