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Tutoring, ESL, grammar help
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What does an editor do?

Athletes have coaches, actors have directors, and musicians have producers. If you’re serious about your writing craft, you know you can’t do this alone.

Yes, I’m here to spell-check, fact-check, margin-check, and generally ensure that what you see in your head is what readers find on the page. Even more, though, my mission is to help you understand the story you’re telling so that the final product can captivate and inspire your readers.

Anyone can run a marketing campaign and sell a couple books. Yet the stories that hold our attention, the ones that we remember, talk to our friends about, and go back to again and again, those stories are told well.

Your ideas are a gift. You’re creating something glorious. I want to help you make it happen.

Jimmy Leonard

Editing Services

For when you...

have an idea

Storyboard consultation, outlining, goal setting, and all "big-picture" questions about your project.

have A rough draft

Developmental (substantive) editing, focused on plot and character arcs.

Are near publishing

Copyediting, fact-checking, formatting, and final proofreading.

are a student

Tutoring, admissions essays, and personal statements.

have a website

Content editing and SEO
(coming soon).

have a small budget

Editing can be expensive, but here, it doesn't have to be. Find out about financial assistance.


Jimmy’s attention to detail is first-rate. His critiquing and on-point suggestions turned an early draft of my novel into a work far more captivating for the reader. I couldn’t recommend his services highly enough.

Neil A. White

Jimmy helped me with three levels of grammar textbooks: Grammar the Write Way Precepts, Core, and Application. I recommend his services because of his thoughtful detail, not only with mechanics but also with the logic of the text. In short, he made me look good.

Ruth Ann Frederick

Jimmy is very organized. He is very clear in explaining and teaching, and can zero in on the skill that’s needed in understanding and answering different types of questions. He is able to match his pace to the student, which keeps the student from being bored (or left behind).

Susan E.

Tutoring Client

Jimmy’s insights and edits took my short story to another level. He kept in mind both my style and my purpose for the story as he evaluated it. His editing services are an outstanding tool for any author.

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