The Evangelist in Hell

The Evangelist in Hell


Joe Platt has always walked the straight and narrow while his brother, David, has bounced around from prison to rehab. After their sudden and untimely deaths, Joe finds himself in Heaven only to learn that David has gone the other direction. Feeling responsible and desperate to reconcile their estranged relationship, Joe receives the Lord’s special permission to give David one last chance at eternal life. To do so, Joe must descend into the land of fire and brimstone, taking St. Peter as his companion and spiritual guide. Encountering a host of characters along the way, including a corrupt preacher and a band of thieves, Joe must make unlikely allies and overcome treacherous demons in order to save his brother before all hope is lost.

Balancing fast-paced action and challenging quandaries, The Evangelist in Hell is an unforgettable journey fraught with danger and powered by faith, fearlessly grappling with the true consequence of freedom and the high cost of love.

Paperback book, 264 pages. Free shipping to anywhere in the US.

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