Writing & Editing Portfolio

I write in different genres and for a variety of industries—see all my freelance services here. Check out some of my commissioned writing and editing samples below. When I’m not writing for clients, I add to my personal blog. Browse some of the recent posts to get a feel for my voice and interests. Think we’d work well together? Drop me a line and tell me what you need. I’m always looking for a new adventure.

writing sample: quantum physics article
writing sample: commodity spread trading article
writing sample: cyber attribution in financial services article
writing sample: medical/finance podcast notes 
writing sample: BigCommerce news update (blog post)
writing sample: SaaS landing page (ecommerce checkout)
writing sample: business leadership blog (hr makeover)
writing sample: ghostwritten SEO/tech blog (bounce rate)
writing sample: automotive podcast summary and show notes
writing sample: lead generation optimized blog (artificial turf)
writing sample: ghostwritten travel blog (medium)

When I write for you, expect:

– clear, concise copy
– adherence to your style guide
– SEO-friendly content and layout

editing sample: breast cancer service page
editing sample: estate planning law blog
editing sample: colocation services landing page
editing sample: modernized tech stack blog
editing sample: luxury travel destinations page
editing sample: rental car/travel blog
editing sample: payment processing & fintech trends
editing sample: web design blog (chatbots)
editing sample: BigCommerce app landing page
editing sample: tech blog (custom CRM software)
editing sample: dental blog (gum disease)

When I edit for you, expect:

– fact-checking
– line edits for a smooth, engaging flow
– recommendations for content and SEO

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