Request a Review

Thanks so much for your interest in receiving a book review!

I am now accepting requests—please read over the details below.

When I started publishing my own work, I realized how valuable book reviews are to new authors. I decided to formally share my recommendations and help great stories rise above the noise. I offer free, honest reviews of full-length novels. While I give preference to up-and-coming writers who are—for now—languishing in obscurity, I’ll consider all requests. I’ve tried to answer any questions you might have, so please make sure you read this page in its entirety and follow all directions before submitting your request. I thank you in advance.

What’s the review process?

  1. You have an awesome book and decide you want me to review it. You’ve read about the kinds of books I like and think I’d enjoy yours too.
  2. You read this whole page and follow all the directions—good work.
  3. Your request goes into my queue. Unfortunately, I can’t say yes to everyone, but I’ll try to respond within two weeks either way.
  4. If I select your book, I will contact you and add you to my review calendar. Although I try to stick to that schedule, please note that I work full-time outside of my book reviewing and sometimes have to push back my estimated publish dates.
  5. After I read, I will publish an honest review to my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. You’re welcome (and encouraged) to share the review on your social media accounts or website. I just ask that you give credit by linking back here.
  6. I’m a writer too, so I know you’ve poured out your soul into creating this novel. While I do make honest critiques, I won’t ever insult you personally or seriously degrade your creation. If I feel I can’t in good conscience give higher than 3 out of 5 stars, I’ll let you know and give you the option of not posting the review.

What kinds of books do you review?

Reviews, by nature, will always be subjective. It’s helpful for you to know what I like and what I don’t like to see if I’m the right person to review your novel. I also recommend checking out some of my previous reviews or even my own writing to get a feel for what interests me.

I usually like:

  • Fantasy of all types, especially magical realism, urban fantasy, alternate world, mythological, and paranormal
  • Action adventure, especially quests and capers with international settings
  • Spy, political, and psychological thrillers
  • Mystery, especially detective, noir, procedural, and historical
  • Character-driven contemporary fiction, especially coming-of-age
  • Science fiction, especially speculative, science fantasy, steampunk, pandemic, and cyberpunk
  • Historical fiction, especially biblical era or focused on pre-industrial exploration
  • Christian fiction in any of these genres
  • YA fiction in any of these genres

I usually don’t like:

  • Slasher horror or any exceedingly graphic violence
  • Westerns with a nomadic cowboy or really any one-character survival epics
  • Romance and its various subgenres, including LGBTQ (Books in one of my “like” genres with characters of different orientations are fine)
  • Novels told from an animal’s or robot’s point of view
  • Heavy drug usage
  • Erotica
  • Poetry, comics, graphic novels, or short story collections
  • Biography

Please note that I only review fiction and creatively told memoirs. I’m not interested in reviewing children’s books or nonfiction of any genre, including Bible studies, inspirational books, and educational curricula.

How do I submit my book?

    • DO NOT email me the full manuscript, mail me a hard copy, or tell me to go to your website and download it. If I decide to review your book, I’ll ask for the full text then. (Right now I can only accept electronic copies, e.g. PDF, ePub, Mobi. Please ensure the formatting is set for publication.)
    • DO NOT use this form to ask for my feedback on a rough draft. While I have beta read for people and hope to do so more in the future, this page is for reviews on completed books.
    • DO NOT ask me to buy your book first. I get it. I know you want to sell books, but I’m offering an extensive review in exchange for a free copy. While I’ve been known to purchase books I absolutely loved after I read them, please don’t expect more than a book review.
    • DO NOT attempt to bribe me by offering to pay for a 5-star review, offering an “I’ll give you five stars if you give me five stars” kind of exchange, or anything else of that nature. That’s not how I operate.
    • DO make sure you’ve read the kinds of books I review. Trust that feeling in your gut. If you don’t think yours fits what I’m looking for, it probably doesn’t, and you can save yourself some disappointment. I hope you can find beta readers or other reviewers who handle your genre.
    • DO fill out this query form when you’re ready.

Thanks again for your interest! If there’s something you’re still not sure about, feel free to contact me.