Writing & Editing Services

Ebooks & Newsletters

Long-form content for digital downloads and lead magnets. Headlines, preview text, and email copywriting for marketing campaigns and subscriber newsletters. B2B and B2C experienced.

SEO Content Writing

Researched, keyword-driven, SEO-friendly blog writing. Optimization of existing category pages. On-site copy for products, services, and landing pages. Metadata. Content strategy.

Instructional Design

Lesson materials. Assessments. Custom educational videos and teaching resources based on your learning targets. Homeschool, English language arts, creative writing, personal finance, and more.


Proofreading. Copyediting. Fact checking. Developmental editing. Sensitivity reading. Any style guide.

Career Development

Cover letters. Resumes. Grad school application essays. Interview preparation.


Live tutoring on Zoom. Proofreading and feedback for admissions essays, dissertations, and more.

You have a vision. Let's make it happen.

What are your Rates?

For writing and editing, I charge by the project, not by the hour. Final pricing depends on the length of the assignment, the amount of research required, and how quick of a turnaround time you need. I also consider volume. If I’m writing multiple posts per month for the same client, the price per post will be cheaper than a one-off. Let me know what you’re looking for, and I’m happy to provide a free estimate.

Tutoring starts at $50/hour or $30 for a half-hour.

What are your writing specialties?

Copywriting: SEO, marketing, direct response, email, creative, brand, technical writing, B2B.

Education: English language arts, history, test prep, religion, Bible study (academic and devotional).

Ghostwriting: Ebooks, lead magnets, blogs, video scripts, podcast scripts, speeches, interview quotes.

Fiction: Speculative, magical realism, literary.

Are prices negotiable?

The short answer is no. Although I’m open to discounts for a high volume of guaranteed assignments, I provide professional services built on industry experience and charge appropriately for my time.

Should I sign my kid up for tutoring?

Tutoring works best for struggling students who sincerely want to improve and excelling students who want more of a challenge. If your student hates school, I recommend seeing a guidance counselor or educational psychologist before hiring a tutor.

What software do you use?

Usually Google Docs or Word documents, but I can submit writing in the format you prefer. For editing, I do not accept PDFs (it’s much easier to edit with Word or Docs). I tutor on Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Do you require payment upfront?

Yes. For larger projects, payments can come in installments at each milestone. Tutoring lessons must be paid in advance or set to automatic billing. You can find my full terms and conditions here.

Why work with me?

There’s a million freelancers online—why would you hire me?

I know it’s a little unconventional to do business writing and education, but I see all of my services as branches of the same tree. My goal is to understand what you want. Maybe that’s more qualified leads, or maybe that’s mastering a new subject. Then we’ll work together to see how clear, content-driven communication can get you there.

I’ve written curriculum since 2010, and I currently work as a copywriting strategist for a digital marketing agency. I’m up-to-date on industry trends, a determined researcher, and a compelling storyteller.

Let’s talk! I’m happy to answer your questions and provide samples. I value your time, too. If I know that I’m not the right person to take on your project or that I won’t have availability to complete it before your deadline, I’ll tell you that. If we are a good fit for each other, I’ll send a detailed quote as soon as I have all the information.

Copywriters and web designers collaborating

Let's Get To Work

Drop me a line using the form below. Let me know a little bit about what you’re looking for, and I’ll reply with the next steps. For larger projects, I’ll usually do a phone call or Zoom meeting to go over your goals, budget, and completion timeline. For smaller projects, I can take a quick look and send you a quote over email—although we can set up a phone call too, if you prefer.

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