Tutoring and Editing Services


Essay Proofreading

Normally $25


/essay up to 1,000 words

$1 for each additional 100 words
  • Admissions Essay
  • Term Paper
  • Dissertation
  • Any Subject—Not Just English

Live Tutoring on Zoom

Normally $60



Or $30/half-hour session
  • Middle School ELA
  • High School Writing
  • Standardized Test Prep
  • College Composition

Custom Video Lesson

Normally $75


/5-minute video

My newest service!
  • You Pick the Learning Target
  • I Write and Produce the Video
  • Interactive and Engaging
  • Flexible—Rewatch Any Time

Help Me Decide

Wondering which tutoring service is right for you? See more details below.

When would I want essay proofreading?You simply want feedback on your essay's content, organization, and grammar over email. Students who choose this don't want a full lesson, and they don't need help getting started. They just need some outside advice to ensure that what they're writing makes sense and will stand out in the best possible way.
The most common request I get for this is a college application essay or personal statement, although I've also done research papers for high school and college—including for subjects other than English language arts.
Note: I'll give advice, but I will not write the essay for you so you can "get an A." There are services online that advertise such a thing, but I consider it unethical.

When would I want live tutoring?Struggling students: "I hate this class," "I don't get how to do this," "I have no idea how to write this essay," "my teacher goes too fast and I need someone else to explain this to me," "I need a higher ACT/SAT score because I did horribly the first time," "school sucks but I know I need to do this so I can raise my grade."

Excelling students: "My school doesn't offer this class but I want to study it anyway, and I need a tutor to help me," "my teacher goes too slow and I want to progress with advanced material," "I get bored in school and want a more exciting challenge," "I did well on the ACT/SAT but I want to raise my score even higher to get into an elite program." 

If your student agrees with any of those statements, live tutoring is likely a good fit.

Tutoring is usually not a good fit if the student has zero motivation to learn or simply needs "homework help."  Extremely reluctant students don't usually respond well to "forced" tutoring, and you'd likely be better off meeting with a guidance counselor or educational psychologist to identify the root of the problem. If students only have occasional questions about their homework but generally do it well on their own—I'll be honest—regular one-on-one tutoring is probably not worth the cost. I'd instead recommend a custom video lesson to explain those tricky homework questions.

When would I want a custom video lesson?This is the most versatile option. Many students benefit from the ability to go back and rewatch something or prefer to work at their own pace rather than sit through an hour-long tutoring session. Maybe you're a parent or teacher who wants a new resource for your classroom or co-op and you haven't quite found what you're looking for online.

I'll send you a nifty Google form to fill out. You tell me what you want (or don't want!)—the more specific, the better. Then, I write a brief proposal of what the video will include. If everything sounds good, you sign off and pay, then I create the final video.

Requesting a video is like commissioning a piece of artwork. Sometimes a client wants something that's outside of my personal style or expertise, or it'll take significantly more time than usual to meet every specification. If I'm unable to make what you're asking for, I'll politely decline or quote a new price that accounts for the additional work required. Unless otherwise specified in the contract, I will reserve the right to use the video lesson I create for promotional purposes on this website or on my social media.

I still don't see what I want. Help me!The best thing to do is contact me.



Normally $40


/10,000 words

Plus $5 Base Charge
  • Any Style Guide
  • Includes Formatting
  • Best for Polished Manuscripts


Normally $100


/10,000 words

Plus $5 Base Charge
  • Consistency and Continuity
  • Fact Checking
  • Includes Basic Proofreading

Developmental Editing

Normally $250


/10,000 words

Plus $10 Base Charge
  • "Deep" Editing—All Aspects of Content and Structure
  • Tone and Audience Sensitivity
  • Advanced Fact Checking

I Need More Information

These are the most common questions I receive about editing.

What genres do you edit?I'll consider anything, but most of my editing experience has been with fantasy, speculative, historical, literary, Christian, and YA fiction; business, self-help, educational, and spiritual nonfiction; and marketing web copy.

What is your turnaround time?It depends on the scope of your particular project and how much is already in my queue, but a good estimate is four weeks for a 50,000-word manuscript. Obviously, shorter projects will take less time, and longer projects may require more.

Are prices negotiable?The short answer is no. My prices are well below the median rates posted by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Many online editors charge a lot more. I caution writers about editors who charge a lot less—either someone is working for pennies or they're rushing through the manuscript without giving it the time it deserves.

I'm open to discussing payment plans or a combination of services. For instance, you may only need a heavy edit on one chapter and want a lighter edit on the rest.

Do you require payment upfront?Yes. For larger projects, payments can come in installments at each milestone. You can find my full terms and conditions here.

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