Give your book the attention it deserves.

I have an idea

Many writers are seeking input but aren’t quite ready for full-on editing. I offer short consultation calls or longer, more in-depth coaching sessions.

Consultation: Maybe you have no idea what you want or you have questions for me that aren’t answered here. This is a 20-minute conversation about your project and editing goals. I’ll suggest some services, but I’m not pushy. Part of this call is to determine what next steps make sense and whether or not we’re a good fit for each other. Right now, I’m offering these conversations for free

Coaching: Sometimes you just need help getting started. Maybe you have novel ideas scribbled in a notebook but aren’t sure how they fit together. Maybe you have business experience that you want to turn into a book but need a fleshed-out chapter outline. I’m here to give an outside perspective and leave you with an actionable plan. You might be amazed at how productive a single conversation can be. I’m glad to review your notes before the meeting and provide an accountability follow-up after. Starting at $50/hour for a session.

I have a completed draft

Developmental editing is the most comprehensive review of your project. I’m looking at the content itself, not just mechanical errors. This is best for writers who have a project mostly formulated but either want serious feedback before submitting to publishers or already know that something’s not quite working. Starting prices are based on 50,000 words.

Structural Overview: I call this “developmental lite.” I give broad, big-picture suggestions about characters, plot development, story structure, and voice. For nonfiction, I’ll evaluate organization, continuity, audience, and tone. It’s considerably less time-intensive for me, hence the lower price, but you’ll receive the write-up in a single document without page-by-page commentary.  Starting at $250.

Developmental Editing: This is “deep” editing, digging into all aspects of your structure and content. I’ll provide insights, suggestions, and coaching, line-by-line, chapter-by-chapter. Developmental editing includes character analysis, continuity, story arc, plot relevance and audience sensitivity, tone, basic fact-checking, and clarity of theme. Instead of a single report from me, this is more of a back-and-forth conversation, helping you better grasp your story and identify its audience. Sometimes clients have specific needs that fall under this wide umbrella but may not require a comprehensive edit, or perhaps they want this level of feedback on a single chapter but not the whole book. I’m happy to discuss aspects of developmental editing à la carte. Starting at $800.

I'm almost ready to publish

Copyediting is what most people think of when they hear the word “editor.” I’ll gladly look at a random sample of your writing to help you determine how heavy of a copyedit you’ll need. Starting prices are based on 50,000 words.

Copyediting: Line-by-line checks for adherence to a style guide, consistency and continuity, and basic fact-checking. I’ll help with spacing and page layout to avoid widows, orphans, and odd section breaks. It only makes sense to do this when the book is in its final form and near publication—why edit the grammar if you’ll change the chapter anyway? Starting at $325.

Line editing: This is regular copyediting plus stylistic corrections and suggested rewrites. In addition to correcting mechanical errors, line editing includes reordering sentences, additions, deletions, and improving the writing’s flow. Starting at $425.

Proofreading: This is error-checking for a manuscript that’s already polished; it does not include page formatting. Proofreading looks for mistakes that may have been missed on earlier edits, providing one last check before publication. Starting at $175.

Fact Checking: Whether you have a book on leadership principles or a historical fiction novel, sometimes you need someone else to review your sources and verify your claims. This is an add-on service that refers to extensive, time-consuming research not already included in regular copyediting. (Note: At this time, I don’t offer indexing for nonfiction works.) Starting at $35/hour.

I'm a student

I offer writing tutoring for all levels, middle school to graduate school, for native speakers and English language learners.

Tutoring: Grammar, persuasive essays, research papers, speeches, standardized test practice, and personal statements—I bring my expertise as an educator to help you master the material and stand out from the crowd. Let me know what you’re working on, and we’ll make a plan. Starting at $40/hour with discounts available for full-time students. 

Essay Proofreading: I’ll read your admissions essays, term paper, or dissertation for content, organization, style, and mechanical errors. Prices vary depending on the project; I’ll provide an estimate based on a sample of your text.

I have a website

I don’t currently offer SEO (but hope to add this service soon). I can, however, copyedit your web content or email distribution—nothing’s more embarrassing than a typo on a marketing campaign. Prices vary; contact me for an estimate.

I have a small budget

Let’s face it. If you have a book, you probably know the importance of good editing. Yet professional services can be expensive, and many independent authors wonder if they’ll ever sell enough copies to recoup the cost. For those of you who scrolled here first before reading anything else, you’re not alone. I had the same concern when I first entered the publishing world.

Simply put, I don’t want finances to be a barrier for anyone. You have options working with me, including payment plans and modified services. I can customize what I do to fit your most urgent needs and stay within your budget. Contact me for a free consultation.